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Corporate culture
Corporate culture
Xin Tian vision (vision): automotive industry leader in heat exchange
1, Xin Tian Yang culture rooted in corporate culture;
2, our core business is the automotive heat exchange systems;
3, Tian Xin to our brand, quality, reputation, service, production in the heat exchange system among the best;
4, we are the industry leaders to request their own standards and assume responsibility.
Xin Tian mission (mission): to allow the flow of your home more comfortable and at ease
1, our system of heat exchange products, is to ensure that end-user products can be safe and comfortable driving, this is our main social responsibility of enterprises.
2, our work is not only their own money to feed their families, but also to allow others to live safer and more comfortable, thus more happiness.
3, we have to bear in caring for others, the sacred mission of caring for the community, we wish to make all production, services, people who use our products to feel warm.
4, we have to work in day-to-day details in time to experience the mission of our business so that our work and more meaningful life.
Xin Tian values (core value): love, diligence, cohesion, innovation
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